Signature Services 
Commercial & Residential Maintenance 
Weed control
Curbside leaf pickup
Light duty tractor work

We offer monthly Service Maintenance Agreements for both commercial and residential properties:

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ROC  Commercial#240038  Residential #240039

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The Master Plan & Part time protector:

This service is ideal for the part-time Prescottonian, vacation, vacant, or rental properties. 

  • ​Weekly, bi-weekly, & monthly all Year-round
  • Weed control, mowing, & Weed whacking.
  • Curbside leaf pick up.
  • Bush trimming, Leaf blowing, and raking.
  • Blow off walkways, Patios, Driveway
  • Adjustment and monitoring of irrigation settings.

Curbside leaf pick up: 
 This service is for the DIY 'er as well, so if all you really need is someone to haul all the leaves/debris away. leaves, pine needles, and other small yard debris.
light duty tractor work:
   This is a great DIY'er opportunity, if you just need a little tractor help. 

  • Spread that driveway gravel.
  • Clean out those animal pins
  • Fill up the garden with good soil
  • Fix that miner grading
  • Anything else you can think of.